Bouncing back from setbacks in Life – Dr. Charles Gyedu

Many people get disappointed when their dreams and ambitions are not met in life. Most often than not, these individuals apportion blames on people be it family members, friends and other people who refused to support their dream. They intend become bitter, rejected, isolated and mean to other people. For the past eighteen years in my life as a pastor and a medical research; I have realized that no one can help you achieve your dream and purpose except you! If you don’t quit and persevere you can achieve anything in life.

Five (5) keys from bouncing back from your setbacks. These are:


The purpose is what God has called you to achieve on earth. Ones you identify your purpose nothing can stop you. Your purpose is why you are on earth. What are you here on earth for? Why is the reason God made you a human and not an “animal” Knowing your purpose will let you know what things are you supposed to pay attention to and things to avoid.


Your passion is the driving force to your purpose. What motivates you? What drives you? What is that that keeps you going in life. If you lose your passion you lose your purpose. Your passion will carry you through the bad moments and the bad breaks.


You must have a clear vision about your purpose. What are your short-term and long-term goals. You must have a workable and achievable vision to your purpose. Your vision will keep you on track and in line.


Those whom you hang around and spend your time with will determine how far and fast you go in life. You must have godly relationships. People who are willing to carry you along, support your dreams and are willing to sacrifice any time and any day for you. These are people who are not intimidated by your success. Have godly counselors and advisers.


This is the summary of all the above-mentioned points. Your relationship with God is the most important in bouncing back from your setbacks. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all. You must get closer to your maker since he is the source of your life. Studying the word and praying will help revive you and gives you hope in the situations that looks gloomy.


When these are practiced continually it help many and build their trust in God and will be the solid foundation from bouncing back from their setbacks. It is my humble prayer that whatever has been your setback will be turned into a setup for you. May the Lord grant you grace sufficient enough to survive every storm in your life.



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