Corporate governance

Corporate Governance is the process under which people in power, monitor, direct and lead an organization in order to create, modify or destroy the structure and procedures under which the organization operates. It deals with: Provision of fair return on investment to shareholders Development of a value oriented organization Creating transparencyRead More →

Multinational Corporation

Multinational Corporations (MNC) – MNC`s are huge business organizations which extend their business operations beyond the country of its origin. They are multi-product and multi-process enterprises who extend their business activities in various countries through a large network of industries and marketing operations. A MNC can be simply defined asRead More →

Social Media & Web 2.0 in Business Environment

  Project/Slides/Presentation Transcript Subject: Business Environment Topic: Social Media & Web 2.0 in Business Environment SLIDE 1 – Social Media & Web 2.0 in Business Environment SLIDE 2 – Web 2.0 Web 2.0 describes World Wide Web sites that emphasize on user-generated content, usability, and inter-operability. SLIDE 3 – Web 2.0 can be described in threeRead More →