Communication Barriers

Communication Barriers refers to any interference, gap, distortion that may prevent the communicating parties to interact and understand each other effectively. Communication barriers may be in form of a physical walls, technical glitches, organizational policies or psychological issues. Communication is an art which gets better with practice. It requires aRead More →

Types of Communication

Organizations survive on communications, communication in an organizations may be multi-dimensional or multi-directional. Right set of communication at the right time from the right desk spreads positive vibes across the organization. Understanding of different types of communication helps to determine the direction of communication. Formal Communication in organizations is highlyRead More →

written communication

Written Communication is another category of verbal communication apart from oral communication. It involves communication of a message through written words and symbols. While oral communication comes as a natural process to humans, written communication requires a lot of practice and effort.   Characteristics of Written Communication One of theRead More →