Personality Theories

Personality refers to the inner psychological characteristics or traits of a person that determine, how a person responds to his/her environment. Inner psychological characteristics are specific qualities, attitudes, mannerism that differentiates one person from another. The behavior of Consumers gets influenced by many factors internal and external. Personality is the innerRead More →

Consumer behaviour Models

A consumer`s behaviour varies owing to the many factors that influence consumer behaviour. Consumer Behaviour Models have been developed to substantiate the various factors that influence consumer behavior and their decision making process. Ten Consumer Behaviour Models The ten Consumer Behaviour models explained below are: Pavlovian Model Economic Model Input,Read More →

sales promotion strategies

Advertising, sales promotion and personal selling are the three major inter-related tools of promotion which supplement the efforts of each other. Sales promotion is regarded as one of the best tool of promotion as it helps in stimulating customer demand, supplementing advertising activities through cheaper means, facilitating personal selling andRead More →