Recommended Books for Management Students

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Financial management

Prasanna Chandra : Financial Management: Theory and Practice

I.M. Pandey : Fianancial Management

M.Y. Khan and P. K Jain : Financial Management

Financial Accounting

N.Maheshwari : Financial Accounting 

C. Tulsian : Financial Accounting 

S. Grewal : Financial Accounting

Principles of Management

L. M. Prasad : Principles and practice of Management

V. S. P. Rao : Principles of Management Recommended by BBA|mantra

Business Communication

R C Bhatia: Business Communication 

Business Environment

Francis Cherunilam : Business environment

Neelamagam : Business environment

Sudesh Bedi : Business environment

Consumer Behaviour

Dr.Matin Khan: Consumer behaviour Recommended by BBA|mantra

Research Methodology

C.R. Kothari : Research Methodology Recommended by BBA|mantra

Rural Marketing

Badi & Badi : Rural marketing

R.Krishnamoorthy : Rural marketing

International Business

P.Subha Rao : International Business Environment

Chhabra & M.Biswas : International Business (Environment & Opportunities)

Business Statistics

S. P.Gupta and M.P.Gupta : Business Statistics Recommended by BBA|mantra

Business Mathamatics

Sancheti & Kapoor : Business Mathematics

Organization Behaviour

Organizational behavior- Fred Luthans

Organizational behavior - Stephen Robins

Organizational behavior - L.M. Prasad Recommended by BBA|mantra

Business Law

M.C. Kuchhal : Business Law

Company Law

N. D. Kapoor : Company Law

M.C. Kuchhal : Company Law

Financial Services

M. Y. Khan : Financial Services 

Advertising Management

S.H.H. Khazmi : Advertising & Sales Promotion Recommended by BBA|mantra

Human Resource Management

V. S. P. Rao : Human Resource Management Recommended by BBA|mantra

K. Aswathappa : Human Resource and Personnel Management

Marketing Management

Ramaswamy & Namakumari : Marketing management

Niar Banerjee Agarwal : Marketing Management

Business Policy & Strategic Management

V.S.P.Rao : Business Policy

Azhar Kazmi : Business Policy Recommended by BBA|mantra

L.M.Prasad : Business Policy and Strategy

Healthcare Management

R C Goel : Hospital Administration and Human Resource

S K Sarangi : Health Care Management


Entrepreneurship : Madhurima Lall Recommended by BBA|mantra

Entrepreneurial Development - S.S. Khanka

Project Management

Prasanna Chandra : Project Management Recommended by BBA|mantra

Management Accounting

M.Y. Khan and P.K. Jain : Management Accounting

R.S.N. Pillai and V. Bagavathi : Management Accounting

Managing Personal Finance

Jack Kapoor : Personal Finance, TMH

All notes and articles published on BBA|mantra have made extensive use of all the books mentioned above to provide students with relevant and accurate information. BBA|mantra feels indebted to all Book Authors and Publishers mentioned above and would like to thank them for making BBA|mantra a reality.